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Find freelancers in less than a minute

Take the hassle out of finding great freelancers with the Roster. Fill in a quick brief and we’ll send it to our network of the best designers in London. They reply. You book them.

There’s no commission or catches, just one annual fee of £399 for unlimited bookings.

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The finest freelancers

We work with the best freelance graphic designers and brand creatives in London—the same ones you’ll find at the good recruiters.

Everyone’s got experience working in top agencies – and when we say top, we really mean it:

We’re trusted by world class agencies

  • We found the Roster an excellent and effective resource to help us power through a busy period
    Creative Director
  • The quality is definitely higher than other services I’ve used
    Design Director
  • There are freelancers who are perfect for our needs
    Executive Creative Director
    The Brand Union
  • It’s great to know the folios are from people who’ve been recommended, it’s a great little black book!
    Resource Manager
    Moving Brands
  • It always makes sense to check the Roster before I go to a recuiter
    Creative Services Director
    The Team
  • Definitely a good resource...
    Group Creative Director
    Studio Output
  • I think the Roster is fantastic, and we’ve worked with some great people from the site
    Studio Manager
  • A really bright idea...
    Creative Strategy Director

A simple way to connect directly

  • Post a brief

    Send your brief straight to the inbox of our top freelancers.

    You’ll get contacted directly by available people, and you can review their background and directly book the best person for the role. 

  • Review

    Every freelancer has a detailed profile including everything you’d find on their CV and their contact information. You can speak to them directly to ask questions or make a booking.

  • Search

    You can also search the entire network by project type and bookmark and contact your favourites

A new way to find freelancers

The Roster is designed to fill the gap between an agency’s own network and needing to use a recruiter. And as we’re not recruiters we’re determined to do things differently...

Instead of commission, with the Roster you pay one annual fee, and in return get access to our whole directory. You can search and book as many freelancers as you need, with no strings attached and no extra charges.


Plus we offer a two week trial period (no payment details required) so you can check out the site risk free.*

*Terms apply.

How much you could save

With an annual fee you can save thousands in commission versus a traditional or digital recruiter. Plus with the Roster you can hire as many freelancers as you want for no additional cost.

*Commission examples are based on one senior designer charging £250 per day

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Things you might be wondering...

What type of freelancers are on the Roster?
We’re mainly print and branding designers with a range of agency experience, from the big global strategic branding agencies to the smaller renowned boutique agencies. We’re mainly Seniors and Design Directors with a few Midweights and Creative Directors.

What agencies are using the Roster?
Great ones. In the same way we vet our freelancers, we also vet agencies to ensure that everyone's a good match. From global brand agencies to some of the most awarded independent studios we've a good mix of agencies both large and small.

How do you control quality?
We’re an invite only directory formed from a group of select freelancers with experience from some of London's leading design and branding agencies. Like a members club, freelancers join by being recommended from an existing member.

By managing the directory in this way, agencies get access to a wide pool of people, all based on the idea of asking your existing network of freelancers who they know. The Roster takes it further by expanding that network and letting you access your contact's contacts.

Is it just about having a great folio?
No—we know that it takes more than just a great body of work to be a good freelancer, it’s also about good working habits and processes. That’s why all our freelancers have experience working in top agencies.

What information is included in a freelance profile?
Agencies can see rate, company setup, where they‘ve worked, preferred projects and folio—all the standard stuff you’d expect to get from a recruiter, plus you see their direct contact details.

Is it just graphic designers?
The majority of freelancers are from a print and branding background although there‘s a range of skills covered including digital design, environments and packaging.

Is it just in London?

What are the freelancers rates?
All freelancers set their own rates. Agencies are free to negotiate with them (If support is needed we're here to help, but we generally don’t need to be involved). Our general advice would be that we all know the going rates and we recommend that all parties act accordingly.

How do freelancers get paid?
They invoice agencies directly. We don't take a cut, or charge any fees to either party for a booking and this is all done directly between agency and freelancer.

I'm a freelancer—how do I join?
Drop us a line at the address below with your CV and folio and we'll be in touch if we think you're a good fit.


If you fancy a chat, have any questions, or want us to pop in and give you our ten minute tour, drop us a line: